Website Privacy Terms

When a resource (e.g. a page or an image) is retrieved from this website this is logged. The log includes the resource requested, the time, and which IP address we received the request from. We also record the success or failure of the request.

We do not use cookies or analytical trackers at all.

We use this information to discover problems with our website (e.g. broken links) and to gauge the popularity of our pages. We do not use this information to track individual users.

We also use this information to identify security issues. In event of a crime being committed or suspected we would share this information with the Irish government or any investigators we appointed to solve the crime.

This is the bare minimum we need to administer this website. There is nothing to opt out of, so there is no pop-up for opting out of cookies or trackers.

It's not that we "care about your privacy" so much as we don't have the time or interest to read through the little information we do gather. Collecting more would be a waste of time.

Use of all pages on this website is governed by our super simple privacy terms. Hope that's OK.